PowerSeries Security Panels Control Panels
PowerSeries control panels have a proven reputation
                                 for providing the value and dependability that security
                                 professionals expect from their alarm panels.

                                 And NEW in 2007 is 11 keypads and 3 control panels!

                                  POWERSERIES 8-64 ZONE CONTROL PANEL
                                  8 on-board zones
                                  64 hardwired zones
                                  32 wireless zones
                                  4 PGM outputs: expandable to 14 (PC5204, PC5208)
                                  8 keypad zones supported
                                  8 partitions
                                  500-event buffer
                                  CP-01 compliant

                                  8-64 ZONE CONTROL PANEL
                                  8 zones on main control panel
                                  Expandable using hardwire, wireless, addressable
                                  modules and keypad zones
                                  8 partitions
                                  256 event buffer
                                  4 on-board PGM outputs:
                                  Expandable to 14 (PC5204, PC5208)
                                  Commercial fire version available:
                                  PC5020CF (comes with PC5700)
                                  Supports all PowerSeries modules
                                         BD 412 (12 volts at 4.5 amps)
                                         BD 712 (12 volts at 7 amps)

Wireless Keys

                                   Cost effective
                                   Two-button, three-channel wireless key
                                   Activation via two large, scratch-resistant buttons
                                   Attractive, compact design Full three-second delay on panic function
                                   Integrated LED to indicate signal transmission
                                   Reliable 433MHz technology
                                   Long-life lithium batteries included
                                   FCC/IC approved

Addressable Devices & Detectors

    Addressable Passive Infrared Detector
                                   Based on the Bravo 3 hardwire motion detector
                                   Patented MLSP (Multi-Level Signal Processing)
                                   Interchangeable lens:
                                   Wall-to-wall lens (standard), curtain lens, pet-immune lens and corridor lens
                                   Built-in tamper switch

Acuity Glassbreak Detectors

                                    Exceptional microphone frequency range provides excellent sound capture at low             
                                    sound levels and distances of up to 25’ (7.6 m)
                                    Jumper-selectable sensitivity range
                                    Digital signal processing analyzes sound in remarkable detail to provide greater
                                    detector sensitivity and immunity to false alarms
                                    High static and transient protection includes reliable MOV circuitry
                                    Exceptional detection of all common types of framed glass including plate, wired,
                                    tempered and laminated
                                    Detectors accommodate changes in frame construction, glass thickness and room acoustics

MAXSYS Control Panels

The MAXSYS panels provide 16 zones on the main control panel and are expandable using hardwire, wireless
modules and addressable zones. This systems technology allows full commercial fire integration as well as
simple, affordable integration of access control with an intrusion alarm system.

                                       PROGRAMMABLE MESSAGE LCD KEYPAD
                                       Connect up to 16 keypads
                                       Large, backlit, 2-line 32-character display
                                       Plain language display of zone status, system status, trouble conditions, event buffer,
                                       system instructions, date and time.
                                       Ready, armed and trouble LEDs
                                       5 programmable function keys
                                       4 keypad activated alarms:
                                       Panic, Auxiliary, Fire, Duress
                                       Backlight boost

MAXSYS Fire Products

With MAXSYS fire products you have all the equipment you need to integrate full commercial fire into any security
application. MAXSYS offers many features including an advanced UL Listed commercial fire system, with a full
complement of modules, including a dual-line dialer module, 24 VDC bell module and a battery charging module for
high current applications. Integrating fire and burglary has never been easier.

                                    Commercial Fire Panel
                                    (Only Available in the United States)

                                    PC4020 control panel including:
                                    PC4050CR cabinet
                                    PC4701 module
                                    Built-in 16 VAC, 40VA transformer
                                    UL864 listed
Photoelectric Detectors
FSA-210 & 410
                                Photoelectric Smoke Detector
                                Automatic drift compensation
                                High/Low sensitivity trouble
                                Easy-maintenance replaceable chamber
                                Local test button (units with horn)
                                Magnet activated test (units without horn)
                                Optional built-in 85 dB horn
                                Unique, non-contact sensitivity reading with hand-held FSD-100 test meter
                                Built-in, fixed-temperature heat sensor option with an alarm threshold of 135°F (57.2°C)
                                UL268 Listed for commercial and residential applications
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